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ASB Perspective 2025 addressed the key question; “New Zealand 2025: Restaurant to the World?”

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A broad topic, the theme stems from the continuing discussion that the way people consume and manage their food is changing and it is clear that for New Zealand to remain relevant and competitive in a global market, we need to adapt.

In order to achieve the Government’s Business Growth Agenda of doubling exports by 2025, New Zealand businesses must add greater value to their goods and services – attracting a premium from our natural resources, intellectual edge and industry know-how. Now we need to determine how we get there, to understand our customer, what makes our food special in a global market, and how we connect our domestic and international customers with New Zealand’s unique food origins.

ASB Perspective 2025 will be live streamed via NZAgInvest.co.nz/p2025 and Stuff.co.nz or you can follow through Twitter #NZAgInvest

Our panellists are from diverse backgrounds and stages in their agrifood industry careers, from university student through to experienced company director, with each bringing different experiences and passions to the table.


Dr Lucy Griffiths, international food and beverage marketing expert, will return to ASB Perspective 2025, this time to chair the round table discussion.

Recognised as one of BBC’s top 100 Influential Women, Traci Houpapa will again bring her extensive experience and knowledge of the agrifood industry. Traci has great awareness of the importance land and Maori culture plays in setting New Zealand food apart from the rest of the world.

Sarah Meikle was a favourite at last year’s event. Representing the Wellington Culinary Trust and Visa Wellington On a Plate, Sarah will provide expertise on our food tourism opportunities. You may recognise Sarah from her recent appearances with ConversatioNZ, a fast growing food movement highlighting the quality and vast array of edible resources available in New Zealand.

We also have some new faces. A recognised leader, and to many a friend in the sector, Julia Jones will bring new energy to the table as she addresses the rise of cultured and synthetic foods and therefore the importance of New Zealand’s premium positioning in the global food marketplace, the necessity to tell a cohesive New Zealand food story, and how the industry must work together to stay ahead of changing consumer demands.

Jo Finer from Fonterra, Abacus Bio’s Jude Sise and Dr Claire Massey from FoodHQ

ASB Perspective 2025 will have a very full agenda with panellists also discussing how we will buy our food in 2025, the concept of a New Zealand food portal, and the role of branding, science and innovation.

For those in the live studio audience, the conversation will begin as you step through the door with Fonterra providing a nutritional and thought provoking breakfast for attendees of ASB Perspective 2025 using their specialty products.

For more information or to register your interest, contact info@NZAgInvest.co.nz.