Event description

The Manawatu Chamber of Commerce is the region’s premium business networking organisation. The Chamber champion opportunities and resources for the business community to grow and develop. It connects members through knowledge, sharing, education, collaboration and professional networks.

The Chamber is an advocate and service organisation for business. It provides a venue through which business professionals can take effective action for the progress and growth of their communities. We work alongside the City and District Councils to foster local economic growth and where appropriate as an independent membership organisation; to lobby for issues that support growth.

The Chamber will host an Agribusiness Networker event as part of the New Zealand AgriFood Investment Week.  Three local agribusiness companies will host the event and provide attendees a greater understanding of their services and how people can “Work Smarter, Not Harder”.

A message from our host companies:

Performance Beef Breeders NZ – PBBnz
“At PBBnz, our passion is making farmers lives easier. At our core, we provide services such as accounting, administration and registry for our eleven Beef Breed Societies. But, while Beef is in our blood and in our name, we are Beef and so much more. We sell all tags for sheep and cattle and with a dedicated Tag Expert we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, accuracy of orders, retention of order history and unrivalled turn around times. The commercial farmer may utilise PBBnz’s SIL (Sheep Recording), DNA and Herdmaster Software business units. We may do their books as we offer full accountancy services. PBBnz also encompasses an Event Management arm which helps to bring you acclaimed industry events such as New Zealand Beef Expo. Part of our stable is our successful in-house design business, Pivot Design. Not only are they superstars at producing Sheep and Beef Sale Catalogues, but cater for the commercial market with full graphic design offerings as well as website design. Need a new website, logo or catalogue? Think Pivot at PBBnz. What we are at PBBnz is efficient animal performance recorders and with science travelling as it is, the gap between farm management and science is bridging rapidly. We’re involved in some exciting conversations and we’re sure NZAgInvest week will evoke a few more. See you at the networker.” – Caren Bailey

OnFarmSafety New Zealand is a nationwide company founded by Managing Director Bronwyn Muir in April 2013. Implementing health and safety is no longer a box ticking exercise, more of a journey that is travelled for the duration of the businesses existence, encompassing owners, employees, casual staff, contractors, visitors and customers. OnFarmSafety New Zealand specialises in helping rural business owners to take control of their health and safety needs, and implement individualised workable risk management procedures that look after everyone. We support all types of rural businesses to take ownership of, customise, and implement their health and safety programme.

Snapchill is a sustainable and energy-efficient milk cooling solution designed to meet the requirements of the dairy industry in New Zealand and Australia. It was developed by Snapchill in 2013. Snapchill equipment runs on off-peak power and there is no need for chemical coolants. Overnight, ice is made and stored in an insulated tank. At milking time, the ice is used to chill the milk between the cow and the vat. As ice is formed and milk chilled, heat energy is produced. Snapchill recovers this heat and uses it to create hot water. Snapchill units make power savings for the customer at around $100 per week or more.


To register your interest email amanda@manawatuchamber.co.nz.